Sondre Lerche - Patience (deluxe) - 2020 - 90/00/10/20s - NACD035

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Sondre Lerche's ninth regular studio album Patience concludes the album trilogy that started with Please in 2014, and was continued with Pleasure in 2017. Patience is Lerche's most artistically ambitious album to date, recorded in Bergen with Kato Ådland and Matias Tellez as producers and with arranger contributions including from Tim Fain and Van Dyke Parks. The inspiration for the album mainly comes from Lerche's newfound love for ambient music, marathon running and the search for peace of mind: "Since Pleasure came out I've been running a lot and listening to abstract music that helps me get into flow mode and makes me lose my sense of time and structure, patient music. After doing 140 concerts with the intense live show we created Pleasure tour, I had a need to calm down most things in my life. I stopped touring for the first time since I was 18, moved to LAs and focused on writing. I had a need to make soothing music.”

1 Patience

2 I Love You Because It's True

3 You Are Not Who I Thought I Was

4 There Is No Certain Thing

5 Are We Alone Now

6 That's All There Is

7 Put The Camera Down

8 Why Would I Let You Go

9 I Can't See Myself Without You

10 Don't Waste Your Time

11 Why Did I Write The Book Of Love

12 My Love Is Hard To Explain

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