Solaris - Misty Morning - 1977 - Prog – NACD336

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Prog and symforock group led by Ole G. Nilssen who has also released a number of solo albums. The band's first single came out in 1976 and was the first on the newly started record company Apollo in Harstad. The band consisted of; Kjell Solbakken (organ/synth/vocals), Ole Gunnar Nilssen (guitar/vocals), Jon Erik Henriksen (guitar/vocals) Thore Nilssen (bass/vocals) and Richard "Pelle" Sørensen (drums/vocals). On 4 Nov 1977, Solaris achieved 12th place on the Norsktoppen with the instrumental song Solaris. In the same year, the album Misty Morning came out, a rare Norwegian prog classic, for those who like Mike Oldfield, Caravan and Camel, for example.

1 Battlefield Green

2 Homecoming

3 Torn Apart

4 Where

5 Micro

6 Mrs. Johnson

7 What me Worry

8 Solaris

9 Misty Morning

10 When I Look into your Eyes

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