SNU - Grov handel - 1973 – 70s - NACD294

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Snu was a Norwegian humorous vice group which was formed in 1970 and which held its last concert in 1977. The group consisted of Erling Bonde, Tom Mathisen and Jan Rodahl. The name Snu is an acronym for Snill norsk ungdom (Kind Norwegian youth), a name by which they appeared in public. The group played an important role in Norwegian musical life as the forerunner of the trio Prima Vera.

The debut Grov Handel was recorded live at Chateau Neuf in December 1972 and with them on stage they had i.a. Jonas Fjeld, two from Popol Vuh and a children's choir.

1 På Den Låven 

2 Somliga Går

3 Trist Stasjon

4 Protestvise

5 Norsk Tekst

6 Baskisk Folkevise

7 Kassaapparatet

8 Bestefar

9 Flyvise

10 Fergemann Tid

11 Utrolig

12 Country Ann Western

13 Gjøkuret

14 Murer'n

15 Militær Karius Og Baktus

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