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Small Affairs was a Norwegian pop group that released the albums Small Affairs (1986) and No reason to feel blue (1988). The band was an extension of Boys Don't Cry, who released a 7'' the year before. Small Affairs consisted of Giert Clausen (the king of remastering people, Boys Don't Cry), Eivind Fivelsdal (Foxtrot, Yellow Pages) and Svein Harfjeld (Boys Don't Cry). The album Small Affairs achieved 20th place on the VG list Top 40 Albums in 1987 and the singles "Starship" and "Good & Evil" were frequently played on the radio. The record was released on EMI's Odeon label.

1 Pictures & Magazines

2 Good & Evil

3 My Time

4 Back To China

5 Starship

6 Emotional Twins

7 Boy's Don't Cry

8 Heart & Races

9 Frances

10 Not Missing You

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