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Smalhans was a rock band from Sandnes that existed in the period 1981 to 1983. The band consisted of part of the members from the then disbanded Nurk Twins. The songs were in dialect, and the band was part of the so-called Stavanger Wave, together with bands such as Stavanger Ensemble, Mods and Asfalt. The band released two albums, Smalhans and Velstand, both in 1982 on NorDisc and Tomato respectively. Among the band's most famous songs are "Eg e'kje inn, eg e'kje ud" and "Deilige Malena".

1 Deilige Malena

2 Smalhans

3 Kossen ska eg gjørr det då?

4 Svar oss

5 Eg e'kje rette typen

6 Eg blir galen

7 Eg e'kje inn, eg e'kje du

8 Du sko ha gjort det før

9 Kveldsvise

10 Fira kvide vegger

11 Det e'kje mi skyld

12 Det kan'kje vera meg

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