Slyboy - Brownbaggin' In Funkyland – 1991 – 90/00/10/20s – NACD423

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Slyboy is a hard rock band born in Trøndertun. There were three members from Northern Norway and vocalist Luffen from Ålesund. They won the NM in Rock under the name Gigi before changing their name to Slyboy and were signed by StarBeat/Revolution Records, where Diesel Dahl was general manager. Dahl acted as a kind of manager for the band and the album was produced by Rune Nordahl (Pioneers, Stage Dolls). The band consisted of Bård Birkelund (Dag Ingebrigtsen), Luffen Valle, Tom Meland (Dag Ingebrigtsen) and Sigbjørn Holmslett (Dag Ingebrigtsen). Also on the album are Dag Stokke (TNT, Vagabond), Leif Digernes (Dream Police), Bård Svendsen (Pioneers) and Pål Westrum (Tindrum, Diesel Dahl, Diezel).

1 My Girlfriend's Out

2 Call Me Up

3 Get Up

4 Tell Me

5 Sweet Lies

6 Sunshine Radio

7 Runaway Train

8 Young & Restless 

9 Lovetrap

10 Lovers Do

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