Skogvokterne - Skogvokterne - 1984 – K-Z - NACD190

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Eystein Hopland started his musical career in the Lillestrøm band Sjabre Bjeller. In '82 the road went on to Aslak & Skogvokterne and the growing side project ExLex, both active on the kz front when this was at its height in the middle of the decade, before Sister Rain took over most of the man's time and attention from '86/7 and until '93. The underground band mostly consisted of Øyvind Aarlid, Eystein Hopland and Aslak Nygren (and Arve Bjerke, Trond Ystanes and Klaus Dalgaard) and they only managed to release a self-titled cassette in 1984, before the band split. Aslak and Eystein were resurrected as English-language Sister Rain, while Øyvind Aarlid went in the direction of electronics as Geronimo.


1 Tror at du vet at jeg vet

2 Madonna

3 Stillhet

4 Se på ungene når de leker

5 November

6 Tråkke på fremmed jord

7 Like bra det

8 Sirius

9 Illusjonsparadis

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