"Skjöldmøyslaget" (14th place)

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14th place in the Morgenbladet Top 100 Series.

November 2011 was named Norway's 100 best albums. Radka Toneff won, while Setesdalen's pride, the "Skjoldmøyslaget" by father and son Bjørgum, came in a fine 14th place.

The book deals with Setesdalen's music history, what is considered our oldest folk music material, and we follow the beats on their journey through history. Here, Heyerdahl's Odin theory is also played with, and the question of whether Odin was a real person who emigrated from Azerbaijan. Music & history about each other.

Author Gjermund Kolltveit is one of Norway's best-known music archaeologists and is himself a musician.

Author: Gjermund Kolltveit

ISBN: 9788293039310 Release year: 2012
Format: 12 x 18 cm Sides: 112 Binding: The booklet Language: Bokmål

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