Sister Rain - Sister Rain 1988 - 80's - NACD311

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Oslo band, formed in January 1988 by Aslak Nygren (vocals), Eystein Hopland (guitar), Mads Due-Tønnesen (guitar), Steinar Buholm (drums) and Ivar Berge (bass). Hopland had played together with Nygren in the band Skogvokterne (released the cassette Skogvokterne on Likvider in 1984), and Due-Tønnesen in Ørkenvandrerne. Buholm, also known as a rock photographer, played in both The Tables and Sister Rain, and had a past from A Technicolor Dream. Only one concert, and a few months after the start, the band made their record debut on the newly started Voices Of Wonder (VOW). American underground and psychedelia from the late 60s were among the sources of inspiration. After the debut with Sister Rain (1988), the band was reinforced with Ulf Knudsen on keyboards.

1 Seconds From You 

2 I'm Just A Man 

3 What Can It Be 

4 Julia (Velvet Dreams) 

5 Silence 

6 Hey Sam

7 Helpless 

8 Body Haunt

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