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All Kristen-Norge has a relationship with the music group Arnold B. Family, which grew into the hearts of Norwegians throughout the 1990s.

The group became public property when they participated with the song "La oss feire livet" at the Melodi Grand Prix in 1995, finishing second in the final with 327 points.

At that time, the gospel-inspired group was beaten with 77 points by Rolv Løvland's "Nocturne", which represents Norway internationally. 

The group tried again in 1996 and 2000, but then placed sixth and seventh. 

In the same year, their third record album "Du lifter meg opp" came out, and together they left The Børud family around the world and performed in the service of God with his pop and R&B music.

With the music scattered their Christian message, both through English and Norwegian songs. Concert in Crystal Cathedral in LA is one of the group's highlights, a concert that was televised to several hundred million viewers worldwide. The record "Du løfter meg opp",which for miscellaneous is the title of one of the disc's 12 tracks, the group brings out what a positive and loving God we have, and that his love is so great that he lifts us up when we are down. God does not push us down, but through love fills us he us with joy and helps us to be positive in life's heaviest situations. God's goodness and love is a common thread through all of the songs. It can make even the non-believer believe, and the one song "God's family" just emphasizes how good God is to everyone.



Simon Ingemundsen (born 1995) is a journalist and has published four crime books together with Stig Ellingsen.

He is a trained historian and journalist at the University of Stavanger.

Ingemundsen grew up in a Christian home at Randaberg, and his contribution to the music classics series is his first non-fiction publication.

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