Sidetrack vol. 2 CD – SIDESPORCD2

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SIDE TRACK VOL. 2 It took time, but an effective summer holiday (2023) meant that we finally got to the finish line with Sidespor vol. 2, this creaky series where everyone likes something, but no one likes everything. Once again, we have dug deep into the pile of rarities, and punk, pop, jazz, industrial, protest tunes and old rock are released in a beautiful combination. The cover is once again beautiful, and this time Trine + Kim have gone for blue metallic. Here is the tracklist:


1 Weslefrikk “The City”

2 Broadway News “I Really Want To Love You”

3 Drama “Daydreamer” (alternative single version)

4 Freddy Dahl “Cafe Jupiter”

5 Paolo Vinaccia “Walkin'” (unreleased)

6 Inger Lise Rypdal and Terje Rypdal “Tried to Make You Happy”

7 Public Enemy's “I Call It Pretty Music”

8 Cindy (feat. Gro Anita Schønn) “When I'm Gone”

9 Wenche Myhre “The Shadow of Your Smile”

10 New Jordal Swingers “Hey You Gotta Wake Up”

11 The home report “Vern Alta-Kautokeino”

12 Viggo Sandvik & Hege Schøyen “Betting match on TV”

13 Chrissy “Sweet Seventeen” (Unreleased)

14 Apoptygma Berzerk Disarm (Alex O. Mix)

15 Headcleaners “Crazy music”

16 Johnny Yen Bang! "The Crazy Ones"

17 Spastic Ecstasy “Good homes kill”

18 Meat “Blue Light”

19 Wannskrækk “Robber a bank”

20 Munch “Two Close”

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