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When we approached 100 releases, we came up with a good idea. A bit unsure where the idea came from, but we know how the idea came, and it was that for every record we released, there were just as many (good) suggestions for bonus tracks the record could/should/should/had to contain. Our plan with this series is to release good original albums, not primarily to fill up all 80 minutes of songs.
But after seeing all the good suggestions on bonus tracks, it was tempting to try to collect some of them on a separate bonus track CD. We probably also announced a kind of competition, where we were supposed to try to find a name for the record. Sidespor was a clear favorite among the responsive jury consisting of John Richard, Arvid and me.

The songs must not have been released on albums before.
The songs must not have been released on CD (compilations etc.)
Songs that have been released on promo CDs must be accepted if necessary.

Expect the verdict to be:
A lot of good, but a lot of crap too. But mostly good. Dice roll 4. Haha.

Can't imagine anyone liking everything, but everyone should like something.

Disse låtene er bankers:
TRACK#1: Young Lords - Oh So sLOw (fra The Young Lords EP, 1980)
TRACK#2: Sidsel Endresen/Bendik Hofseth - Crossing the Rubicon (fra filmen "Farlig Farvann", 1995 - kun utgitt som promo-cd)
TRACK#3: Spastisk Ekstase - Frihet Dreper (1982) (tatt fra 12'' "3 Mord")
TRACK#4: Creation - My Life (1985 - tatt fra samle-LP-en «My Present»)
TRACK#5: Lumbago - Grønt Lys (1983 - deres første 7'')
TRACK#6: Matchstick Sun - Bumblebee (1988 - 7'' - b-siden til "You & Me")
TRACK#7: Arbeidslaget - B-sida (1974 - 7'' b-siden på "Skattetoget")
TRACK#8: Babij Jar - Ice Age (1980 - fra 7'' "Ice Age")
TRACK#9: deLillos - Hankø-trotten (1990 - fra 7'' Hankøslagerne 1933)
TRACK#10: Return - More More More (1988 - 7'' - b-siden til "Change the Attitude")
TRACK#11: Bjølsen Valsemølle - Minnenes vei (1984 - 7'')
TRACK#12: Boys Don’t Cry - Servant of Charity (1985 - 7'')
TRACK#13: Garden Of Delight - Glory (1984 - 7'' - b-side "Blessed Minutes")
TRACK#14: Dobbel V - Geometri (1981 - 12'')
TRACK#15: Saturday Cowboys - Move It Over (1981 - 7'' - b-siden til "Human Cut-Out")
TRACK#16: Im Nebel - The Colors Turned Red (1985 - 7'')
TRACK#17: Munch - To tette (1988, fra Samle-LP-en "T23")
TRACK#18: Crawdaddy Simone - Crawdaddy Simone (1985 - 7'')
TRACK#19: Heart Of Mary - I've Got The Harry Truman Shivers (1989 - Rock'n'Roll Stowaways (That's Entertainment Sampler Vol. 1 LP)
TRACK#20: Boastein - Oslo Dada Intro (1980 - 7'')
++ (TBA)

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