Shatoo - A True Story - 1987 - 80's - NACD300

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Shatoo is a band from Halden/Asker, formed in 1987, with Dag Brandth, Calle Marcussen (now Varfjell) and Øyvind Haavik. The boys were only 15-17 years old when they released their debut album A True Story (1987). The debut single, "Overload", became the first English-language single on the Norsktoppen, where it was in first place for 11 weeks. The singles "Santorini" and "Dangertown" from the same album also became hits. The second album, Life, came in 1988, quickly followed by Brandth's solo album Tranquility. After this, the band stopped, and Brandth only came out with one more single, in 1990.


1 A True Story (The Hall) 

2  Overload

3 No More Strangers

4 One Of The Others

5 A Disaster

6 Santorini

7 Dangertown

8 Love Means More

9 Here In The Night

10 Snowy Garden

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