Secret Mission - ...To Be Continued - 1986 - 80's - NACD181

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Bergen group consisting of Kjersti Bergesen (vocals), Kåre Kalvenes (synth/guitar), Yngve Sætre (synth), Ove Jansen (bass), Magnar Torstad (drums) and Dag Igland (guitar). Kjersti Bergesen came from the new rock band Ken-Dang, while Kåre Kalvenes had previously played in the group Program 81/82. Secret Mission debuted with the pop record ...To Be Continued in 1986. The record was well received in the press, but the band nevertheless remained a Bergen phenomenon. The continuation first came in 1991 with the album Strange Afternoon, produced by Mick Ronson (David Bowie, Mott the Hoople). Then Bergesen and Kalvenes appeared as a duo.


1 Miracle

2 Changes

3 Welcome

4 This Is Our Song

5 Watch The Night

6 They Just Couldn't See

7 Hold On

8 Masquerade

9 High Noon

10 Mirage

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