Saturday Cowboys - Little Big Horn/Live - 1981 - 80's - NACD151

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The Young Lords became Saturday Cowboys, which started officially in September 1980, with the line-up Kvitnes, Juliusson, Aasheim, Andersen and Stein Ramberg (ex Kollaps and he also in parallel with Front Page) as an additional guitarist. With the name change, the band's musical profile also turned away from the new wave feel and more in the direction of American adult rock/singer/songwriter tradition - a direction that Kvitnes would further develop later in his career. The Young Lords had a contract with the big and established Sonet, but after the break with them the band chose the Halden label New Noise, started by their own manager - (himself) Tom Skjeklesæther in 1978, as the publisher for Saturday Cowboys' only studio release We Like To Watch . They also released the live record Little Big Horn/Live in 1981, and it has never been on CD.

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1 Then She Squeezed Me 

2 Lolita Lane 

3 Jersey Girl 

4 Blame It On The Agent 

5 Human Cut-out 

6 Oh So Slow 

7 Walk On The Wild Side 

8 Big Burden 

9 Wolly Bully

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