Saluki - Saluki – 1977 – Jazz - NACD434

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As a record collector and music fan with an eye for what happened in Norwegian music in the 60s and 70s, you can't go without Compendium Records. Norway's first alternative record store was also to become a record label with 10 releases on its conscience, some of the highlights in the catalog are Hugh Hopper, Karin Krogh & Archie Shepp, as well as Blow Out. One of those that remains as the most complete album Compendium released is definitely Saluki's self-titled album from 1977. This record is legendary among DJs, crate diggers and jazz rock enthusiasts and has gradually become a collector's item. The band features, among others, Freddy Dahl known from Junipher Greene and much more. The album contains 8 songs which perfectly give us the breadth of the band's musicality. Prog rock, fusion, jazz, west coast harmonies and funk - extremely well played, groovy and spiritual. This is truly a unique record that has stood the test of time.

1 Come Down 
2 Autumn 
3 The Awakening 
4 Love To The Sun 
5 Uranus In Cancer 
6 Fantasy Suns 
7 Hidden Path III 
8 Take The Road Across The Bridge

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