Sage Malone - Words - 1985 – Prog - NACD303

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One of the country's biggest hidden prog gems. Petter Norby formed Oslo-based Sage Malone in 1978 and managed to release two records on his own label. ON their first album, Words, it was Petter himself who was responsible for the music and guitar, vocals and flute (under the pseudonym Pen) and with him he had Vorkinn on vocals and bass, Tom G. Nilsen and Ole Martin Nilsen on drums, Electric Tom Andresen as guitar assistant, Truls Norby on saxophone and Ståle Sletner on vocals and keys.

The record is a big talking point among fans of symphonic prog and has never been on CD. (Old) Genesis and Camel are good indicators.


1 Song For Esmeralda

2 Definitely No Failure

3 Words

4 Corona

5 Paul G.

6 Your Tennis Shoes Remind Me

7 Masquerade

8 Late Night

9 Happy Song

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