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SAFT – SAFT (1971)
The precursor to the Bergen group Saft was Neither Nor from 1966 with Karsten Olsen on drums and Oddvar Rørtveit on bass. They were the main event during the staging of the rock musical Hår at Den Nationale Scene in Bergen in 1970–1971. Saft had his debut concert in Bergen in October 1970 and released his debut album Saft in 1971.

The variety was exceptionally large, with very different sources of inspiration such as progressive rock, Norwegian folk songs, classical music and heavy metal. On the disc was the song "All the Time". As vocalist Ove Thue had based the lyrics on a slogan that originated in the USA during the Vietnam War: "Fighting for freedom is like fucking for virginity." This was used as a chorus, which was too strong for the BBC. The British radio channel refused to play the record when it was submitted as Norway's contribution to the European Summit in May 1971. Saft responded by printing "Censored by BBC" on the single's cover - right above a photo of a naked Ove Thue, the rest of the band were also in the picture, but with clothes. The record was eventually played, but with censorship over the aforementioned stanza.

1 Introduction

2 Couple Of Freaks

3 Eleanor Rigby

4 Fjøsvise

5 Don't Look Back

6 All the Time

7 Fly

8 This Is Not Today

9 Opus 1

10 Min

11 So Long

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