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"Naboen é nynazist" made the nyveiv band Elektrisk Regn a national treasure in Bergen. Before the reissue on CD in the 90s, a vinyl edition of the debut album "Steinbyen" (1982) changed hands for the value of a suitcase of Olympic pins. An enraged Dennis Reksten spits out hard-hitting lyrics against heroin, police violence, nuclear power and xenophobia, accompanied by cold and catchy melodies, clearly inspired by early Ian Dury and Pink Floyd ca. "Animals". 40 years later, many of the songs are still frighteningly relevant and new generations are constantly discovering the band. For the first time, the members open up about the group's beginnings and how the classic "Steinbyen" came to be.

Roy Hilmar Svendsen (45) is a rock enthusiast and long-time journalist at NRK in Bergen, i.a. known from "Klokken minutt for minutt" (2019) and as producer for Vinskvetten's career summary DVD release "No kjem dei tre siste" (2009). Unknowingly, he also graced the cover of the football record "Vi é Brann" (1998), where Elektrisk Regn contributes "Oslo By". In his private life, Svendsen is a sworn Kiss fan and plays guitar in the pub rock band Slush.

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