Roy Hellvin - Roy Hellvin - 1976 – Jazz – NACD130

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Roy Wilhelm Hellvin is a Norwegian pianist and arranger, known from Oslo's theater and jazz scene and a number of recordings. Early on (1961) he led his own bands, which with Lucky Thompson, Carl Magnus Neumann and Jesper Thilo were at the Kongsberg Jazz Festival (1968). He also played in the Bernt Anker Steen / Harald Bergersen quintet, was for a long time in Radiostorbandet (1968–81) and participated in releases with Laila Dalseth (1976–80).

The album Roy Hellvin is a trio record with Terje Venaas on bass and Ole Jacob Hansen on drums. Roy is referred to by many as "the Norwegian Jan Johansson".


1 Ballad of the Sad Young Men 

2 On A Clear Day You Can See Forever 

3 My Ship 

4 Speak Low

5 Såg du noko til kjærringa mi 

6 Om kvelden 

7 Hu hei kor det er vel friskt og lett 

8 Oppå fjellet 

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