Rolf Graf - The Boy Next Door - 1985 - 80's - NACD069

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Rolf Graf is best known as the bass player in Lava, but he has also made a strong impression as a producer, musician and songwriter for a number of other artists (Randy Crawford, Mezzoforte, Sissel Kyrkjebø). He started his musical career in 1967 on trumpet, but switched to bass in 1974. He started a rock band the following year with Marius Müller, and began a long and varied role as a studio musician in 1979. Graf was the first funk bassist in Norway to master slap and snap technique, and he hired bassist and producer Svein Gundersen at Alex' Daddy Child album due to funky playing style. This year he also received a request from Svein Dag Hauge to become a member of Lava. Graf refused, before on the third request he got the knife to his throat and agreed. Marius Müller also joined the band.

During 1985, 30 of his compositions were released on disc with various artists - himself included. Most famous from this time was the ballad "Shine". The song was the highlight of Graf's first solo album The Boy Next Door. The record has never been released on CD.

1 Girls

2 Walk Right In

3 Shine

4 Don't Stop, Do It

5 Right from the Start

6 Dancing (With no Other)

7 Maxine

8 World of Fools

9 Running out of Time

10 U and I

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