Rock of Norway presents MELODIC HARD ROCK & AOR Vol. 1 RONCD001

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Rock of Norway presents MELODIC HARD ROCK & AOR Vol. 1


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Norwegian rock history contains many hidden gems with releases that not many people know about, or remember.

In the 80s and the beginning of the following decade, there were many young promising talents who were given the opportunity to release their music on seven inches (and a few on CD singles). In many cases it was only with this one release, and it is high time to dust these off. Rock Of Norway and C+C Records/Norwegian album classics hereby present a collection of rare singles within the genres AOR and melodious hard rock, the vast majority on CD for the first time.

We have selected 18 singles which will be found on a double CD.

The collection's title reflects a desire to follow up with further such releases if the concept were to be a success, as there is more material to take off.

Rock of Norway presents MELODIC HARD ROCK & AOR VOL 1

A1/B1. INSIDE OUT «Nights Of Love» / «Way Of My Dreams» (1991)

A2/B2. ROMANCE «Angel» / «Tonight's The Night»(1989)

A3/B3. JAILBAIT «Careless» / «Lonely At Midnight»(1989)

A4/B4. HEADS 'N TAILS "A Million Miles Away" / "River Of Tears" (1990)

A5/B5. PATAYA «Don't Hide Your Tears Away» / «Say No More» (1988)

A6/B6. PANAMA «Keep On Lovin' You» / «Hot Woman»(1985)

A7/B7. JUMP "Loved And Lost" / "Dreamin'" (1989)

A8/B8. EMPIRE «If You Want It...» / «Shades Of Blue»(1992)

A9/B9. BARZILLAJ «Love Of Gold» / «Eyes Of Mystery» (1989)

A10/B10. THAT'S IT "Hard To Hold" / "On The Loose"(1988)

A11/B11. KANE "Streets Of Desire" / "Without Your Love" (1990)

A12/B12. SILENT WITNESS "No Easy Way Out" / "The Game Is Over" (1988)

A13/B13. RETURN "Sheila" / "Warm Bedside" (1985)

A14/B14. UP2U "Evil You" / "Stay Away" (1989)

A15/B15. SPHINX "Save Them" / "Living Without You"(1987)

A16/B16. CHARM "Billy The Kid" / "Hot Love" (1988)

A17/B17. MY FAIR LADY «Close To You» / «Bad Boy»(1991)

A18/B18. HEAVEN «Take Me Back» / «I'm In Love»(1988)

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