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This is Raymond's starting point for the Håkon Banken book (taken from an interview on nrk.no ):
- I grew up in Finnskogen, and I remember the tapes with Håkon Banken lying around in the car when I was little. He meant nothing to me then, but I became interested in him as an adult.
- Why?
- I think there is something fascinating about a man who is obviously struggling mentally, but at the same time is so open. He sings and talks about each other on the records, he talks about his life, completely without filter. No metaphors, no complicated words, no mockery. And that is perhaps where the poetry lies: The simple man who describes the complicated life. And then I like the culture in which this music originates. The completely distinctive culture from the villages up along the Glomma.
- Which culture then?
- There are American cars, booze from Sweden, fighting and laughing, with a dance band as the soundtrack. I have grown up with all that, been to those parties, listened to that music. And even if we who live in Oslo don't hear anything about that culture, it still stands strong. I was at a Rune Rudberg concert at Kongsvinger this summer, and then the huge, American cars drove in a circle around the venue all evening.
- Did you ever meet Håkon Banken?
- No. We lived in the same area, but I never saw him. I don't know anyone else who has seen him, either. After all, he hardly ever played live, and he rarely moved outdoors, and that made him a mythical figure. That's probably one of the reasons why I'm still so fascinated by him.

Raymond Teigen Hauger (39) from Kongsvinger is an actor in Norwegian showbiz. He is a leading figure in Spellemannvinnerne Beglomeg.

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