Rauset & Burgess - Landskap Med To Figurer - 1982 – 80-tallet - NACD320

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Øyvind Rauset plays several instruments and composes music. Among other things, he played fiddle in the folk rock groups Strengegjengen, Folque (1977–1984) and Ym-Stammen, has written film music and several theme tunes for TV. He still plays violin in Oslo Radio-Orkester, as well as in the restarted Folque, which had concerts at John Dee and Rockefeller, Oslo in 2014–2017. Øyvind Rauset and Richard Burgess released the LP Landskap Med To Figurer  in 1982 on the Swedish company Pixi.. The album consists of 11 songs, mostly self-composed but also including a text by the poet Thomas Kingo. With them on the album they had, among other things, Arnt Haugen, Steinar Ofsdal, Pål Søvik and Anders Rogg. The record was produced by Roald Thomesen who also produced Folques Sort Messe  and Your Country.


1 Bror, Lån Meg Armar

2 Strålande Glad

3 Nattergal

4 Sorgen Og Glæden

5 On Some Small Island

6 Brått Kom Hausten

7 Last Year's Leaves

8 Danse Impossible

9 Gatelys

10 Her Går Dansen

11 Requiem

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