Ranja Bojer // Lillebjørn Nilsen - Original Nilsen - NABOK052

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Original Nilsen is a record packed with highlights. Lillebjørn Nilsen writes so you can smell the coffee, he writes then "det kiler i øra og banker i blo'". Tanta til Beate, Crescendo i gågata and Fin frokost already point in the direction of classics, and it continues like that throughout the album. The list of participating musicians is long and impressive, with names such as Jonas Fjeld, Terje Venaas and Brynjar Hoff. Not to mention Hot Club de Norvège, who set the mood already on the opening track, and who played both Tanta til Beate and the django music into our collective consciousness. In the book about Original Nilsen, you can read about the recording of the album, about the meeting between Lillebjørn and Hot Club de Norvège and about how much a record can mean in someone's life.


The author of the book, Ranja Bojer, has been a DJ for a couple of decades, has run his own record shop and written a master's thesis on the music album on vinyl in the age of streaming. She has also published a novel, and writes about both music and other topics in the blog rotrock.no . The songs on Original Nilsen have followed her throughout her life.

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