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«De står opp om mårran / Drikker kaffen i ro og fred / De tar avskjed på trappen / De har pene manerer / Begge stemmer Høyre og ingen onanerer.»  This is how the Raga Rocker's second album Maskiner i Nirvana began, which hit the solid 1980s Norway with a bang in 1985. The record contains classics such as «Ekspander eller dø», «Blakk», «Alle pikers drøm», «Skjønnhet» and «Søvnløse netter». Michael Krohn's razor-sharp lyrics have perhaps never been better, and a majority of the songs clock in at under two minutes. Now all the details of the genius album will come to light, in a book written by one of the country's biggest Raga fans.


Egon Holstad has for a number of years been a journalist, reviewer and commentator in various Tromsø publications. He is well above average interested in rock'n'roll and believes that Raga Rockers are the best Norwegian band of all time, and machines in Nirvana are the best Norwegian record of all time. In recent years, he has increasingly become a bearer of opinion that the whole nation relates to, when he speaks out on topics that have nothing to do with music or rock.

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