"Quiet Is the New Loud"

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27th place in the Morgenbladet Top 100 Series.

Two voices, the guitars, the soft harmonies and the silence lifted the twelve songs on Quiet Is the New Loud (2001) up and out of their anchoring point – Bergen. In this book, written by culture journalist Ørjan Nilsson, we go to London, Liverpool, Manchester and Bergen, to go deeper into the thoughts and process behind the songs, the album title, the design and the photographs that gave Quiet Is the New Loud a long life .

The book also gives an insight into the disagreements between the two members, the friendship and the skinless honesty that makes Kings of Convenience thirteen years after the debut album came out still a band.

The former Coldplay producer Ken Nelson talks about the collaboration with Erlend and Eirik in Parr Street Studios in Liverpool. The duo reveal why they turned it down when Simon & Garfunkel wanted them as warm-ups. They also tell the story behind the genre-defining album title and how the band name came about. In addition, a number of other key people in and around the Quiet Is the New Loud process have been interviewed.

Author: Orjan Nilsson
Editor: Marius Lien Correction: Jon Vidar Bergan

ISBN: 9788293039563 Release year: 2014
Format: 12 x 18 cm Sides: 131 Binding: Hard cover Language: Bokmål

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