Quadromachetas - A Little Bit Fun, A Little Bit Slaughter - 1982 - Punk/New wave - NACD193

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Rock band from Fredrikstad, started in September 1981 under the name Omen. They were a very special band, with noisy music and lyrics in several languages. The members were Martin Caspersen on guitar, Bjørn Müller on vocals (both had been in the legendary Z-off), Elisabeth Müller on vocals and Sven Olsen on bass. However, Bjørn Müller and Elisabeth Müller left after a short time, and Glenn Rugås came in on drums and synth, and Arne Kjellstrøm on drums. The Omen became Quadromachetas because a Swedish band was already called The Omen. The band barely had time to play live before they came out with the 7-inch "The Memoars Of A Spacetramp" plus the album A Little Bit Fun, A Little Bit Slaughter on the Fredrikstad-based Hansen og Kompanjongers Plateforlag in 1982. Another 7-inch, "Sossepappamamma", was released on S-Forlaget in 1983. At the very end of the band's existence, Tommy Husebye replaced Kjellstrøm. The band disbanded in October 1983. Martin Caspersen has later been found in, among others, Syndicate Of Swing, Skrujern and Toini & The Tomcats. Bjørn Müller later became better known as a vocalist in the Backstreet Girls.


1 Dance to the rhythm 

2 A lad in cramps

3 Yoga machine

4 Back to the jungle

5 Rock 'n' roll Raskolnikov

6 L'espoir

7 Lovesong

8 Space tramp

9 Cinema 2000

10 Nostradamus

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