Prudence - 11/12 ‘75 – 1976 – Prog - NACD368

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PRUDENCE – 11/12 '75

Prudence from Namsos consisted of Åge Aleksandersen, Terje Tysland, Johan Tangen, Kjell Ove Riseth, Kaare Skevik, Per Erik Wallum, and Kjell Ove Riseth / Jan Devik. The band played a mix of folk, rock and progressive rock. They had an instrumentation with accordion, mandolin and flute (all prog rock bands had flutes at the time) in addition to "regular" rock instruments. 11/12-75 is a concert album recorded at the farewell concert at the Studentersamfundet in Trondhjem in December 1975. The double album was released in 1976.



1 Intro

2 Instrumental

3 Kom Igjæn Kara

4 What Man Has Made Of Man

5 Sailor Song

6 Can't Fail Blues

7 Æ E Trønder Æ

8 Det E Langt Igjen Te R.A.H.

9 Drømmen Om Grisen

10 På Botne E Vi Ganske Lik

11 Drunk And Happy


1 The Shape I'm In

2 Lost In The Forest

3 Bilbo & Frodo

4 Under Paris'es Himmel + Mild Grey Fog

5 I Hope We Never Get Too Serious About The Music

6 I'm Freezing

7 Takk Te Dokk

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