Program 81 - Prøv å nå fram... - 1981 – Punk/nyveiv – NACD072

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After a self-titled mini-LP and the LP Try to reach... both of which came in 1981, vocalist "Pjusken" was replaced by Kate Augestad. At the turn of the year, they changed their name to Program 82. At the same time, they switched to English lyrics and released the LP Pictures. At the turn of the next year, however, they chose to keep the name, and they again switched to Norwegian texts. Slippe fri from 1983 was the band's last record.

1 Ditt sverd

2 Punk i Sveits

3 Drøm om

4 Med verden i hånden

5 Folkefar

6 Smekk

7 Tunge barrikader

8 En av dem

9 Frihet

10 Criminal

11 Flukt

12 Vær deg sjøl

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