Prince "Shockadelica"

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Christer Falck and Petter Aagaard are probably Norway's two biggest Prince fans. This is a book that will pay tribute to the life and work of the little big man. The book is divided into three parts and is packed with photos from his entire career.

The daily newspaper: "Impressive Prince tribute"
Aftenposten: "The biography is characterized by excess and storytelling pleasure"
VG: “Pur Purpur joy”
BT: "It is impossible not to be infected by the authors' enormous love for Prince"

Part 1 contains biography of Petter and Christer
Part 2 contains in-depth essays by Birgitte Mandelid, Martin Bjørnersen, Jan Omdahl, Anne Danielsen and Audun Vinger, as well as text interpretations by Frode Grytten, Caroline Andersen, Nils-Øivind Haagensen, Cornelius Jakhelln, Fredrik Wandrup and Frithjof Jacobsen.
Part 3 consists of album reviews, disco and filmographies, overviews, trivia, pictures, quizzes and guest lists/mixtapes.

Everything you need to know about Prince is here!

Authors: Christer Falck and Petter Aagaard

ISBN: 9788293039532 Release date: 27 January 2014
Format: 17 x 24 cm Sides: 472 Binding: Hard cover Language: Bokmål

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