Prima Vera - 1977-1983 – De gærne har det godt på boks! - 8CD Box - 2021 - CCD075

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PRIMA VERA was formed in the spring of 1976 when Herodes Falsk left the Jonas Fjeld Rock n' Rolf Band and teamed up with Tom Mathisen and Jahn Teigen. They took the name Prima Vera from the name of an Italian boxer in a book by Upper Richter Frich.

In the autumn of 1977 came the debut album Prima Vera , which sold very well. However, the big breakthrough came in 1978 when they released the album Brakara , which sold over 100,000 copies. In the autumn of 1979, the sequel Salmer og sanger vi gjerne hiver published, which also sold well. In 1980, the fourth album, Best of Ebba , was released, and the group toured the whole country that same year. At the same time, the group had plans to release a video and musical and worked on this project in the same year. In 1981, the musical and album Fisle Narrepanne i Tyrol was released. In the musical, actors such as Ulf Wengård, Kjersti Døvigen and Ivar Nørve were on stage together with Prima Vera. Already in the autumn of the same year, the sequel Den 5te came out. The record was withdrawn and re-released with a changed cover. Ha ha ha ha ha! (De gærne har'e goodt), released with Jahn Teigen as producer in 1982, came with a new video, "De gærne har'e goodt". Ever since 1978, the group had been talking about making a film about Olav the Saint. The film Prima Vera's saga of Olav the Saint was released in September 1983, but was completely butchered by the critics. The record Her kommer Olavs menn, on the other hand, had some big hits.

After the setback with the film, the group decided to take a break. By chance, an opportunity arose to perform for a week at the Cabaret Restaurant in Stockholm in the autumn of 1984. This performance ended in disaster. The audience failed. Prima Vera was disbanded. Teigen became a solo artist while Tom Mathisen and Herodes Falsk continued as a duo.

In 1994 the compilation album Absolute Prima Vera was released, but at the press conference Jahn Teigen "refused" to stand up with the others, afterwards dismissed as a press stunt. It all ended with public mudslinging and arguments in the media while the collection sold for gold. Marius Müller, who had played a lot with Prima Vera, tried in the 1990s to reunite the group, but without success. In the same year the compilation album Prima Vera Show was released which also included a live recording from 1983. The hatchet was buried and Prima Vera was reunited. The group held their last concert in Oslo Spektrum on 28 November 2001. After this they parted ways again, but this time as friends.

Artist: Prima Vera 
Release year: 2021
Label: C+C Records
Format: 8 CDs + thick booklet
Category: Pop/rock/humor

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