Popol Ace - Curly Sounds - 1978 – Prog – NACD316

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Popol Ace (formerly Popol Vuh) was a Norwegian progressive rock band in the 1970s, started under the name Arman Sumpe around the saxophonist Reidar Arman Myhre (Wenche Myhre's brother) and Pete Knutsen, Terje Methi, Arne Schulze and Thor Andreassen from the 1960s band The Scavers. Vocalist was Jahn Teigen. In 1973, the band changed its name to Popol Ace to avoid conflict with the German band Popol Vuh. The group released one more LP, Curly Sounds with Asbjørn "ASA" Krogtoft as vocalist after Jahn Teigen left to pursue a solo career. Without Jahn Teigen, Popol Ace lost an important part of its identity and sound. They then went in a more commercial direction.


1 Bye, Bye

2 Tango for One

3 Jay

4 Love's Last Ballad

5 Joe's My Name

6 California, USA

7 Let the Music Turn You On

8 Mountain Man

9 Northern Winds

10 Wonderland

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