Poly Vinyl Chloride - Confront Comfort – 1981 – Punk/New wave – NACD216

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Rock group from Oslo, started in April 1980. The band was one of the first to start its own label, and developed over the course of a couple of years from punk to synth-based gloomy rock. The sources of inspiration included such diverse contemporary bands as Joy Division, Residents and Pere Ubu. The line-up that debuted with the single "Sykebil"/"Gråstein" (Plastic) that same spring consisted of Rune Martinsen (bass), Jørn Loe (guitar), Hans Christian Andersen (drums), Nils Petter Jensen (guitar) and Svein Dahl (vocals). . Recording and release were initially almost too funny to count - the group had one song in the repertoire, the other they made in the studio. Nevertheless – the print run of 500 copies. expired before the end of the year. The vocal job was soon after the release taken over by Bitten Forsudd, and in the autumn the next 7-inch came out: "Galehus"/"Gaddybucker" (Plæstik) - critical comments on the respective church and advertising. In 1981 came the band's first mini-LP Emile Berliner. The same year saw their only album ...Confront...Confront... The band then consisted of Forsudd, Martinsen, Loe and newcomer Eivind Rølles (drums).


1 This Is The World

2 Confront Comfort

3 Hyper

4 Pigment

5 Tragic Mandolin Performance

6 Horse Funkh

7 Tropical Moist Forests

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