Pluto - Voyage Into A Dreamers Mind - 1980 – Prog - NACD321

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PLUTO – VOYAGE INTO A DREAMER'S MIND (1980) Pluto is one of the country's prog pioneers, and consists of composer and multi-instrumentalist Petter Espen Guthe. He released the album Voyage Into a Dreamer's Mind in 1980, before two years later releasing the album Ouverture, both on Strawberry Records. The record was recorded with the help of Gunnar Berg-Nielsen on drums and Wenche Kjærstad and Rune Mangen on vocals. It is a symphonic rock record with clear 70s references. Beautiful, silky arrangements with clear guitar nods to Hackett, Phillips and Latimer and a dash of mellotron and Tony Banks-inspired synth parts.


1 Into A Totally Differen Race
2 The Struggle

3 Encounter

4 Petal On A Wet Bough

5 Love's Labyrinth

6 The Voyage

7 The Dreamer

8 Hole In A Pocket

9 Yanti

10 Au Revoir

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