Pluto – Soundtracks for inner movies (1999/2024) LALP002

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Pluto Guthe is one of Norwegian prog's true veterans. He released two outstanding albums on Strawberry Records ( Voyage into a Dreamer's Mind, 1980) and Ouverture , 1982) and after that there was silence. Later in the 80s, he started Pluto & The Planets, which has released one album in France ( 360° Of Wonder , 2010) and has toured Norway criss-cross for well over 30 years. The plan was also that there would be an album #3 in 1999, but it ended up in the vault. Soundtracks for Inner Movies was recorded in Ronni Le Tekrø's Studio Studio at Toten with Pluto as the main producer, and TNT's Dag Stokke and Ronni as good fellow listeners. The record was recorded, but never reached the printers. "It boiled away in the pot", are Pluto's own words about it. Only one copy was burned, and it is in the collection of Pluto himself, but the rumor about the album's sovereignty has circulated in prog circles for almost 25 years.

The result was a melodious, dramatic and evocative record with clear references to Mike Oldfield, Camel and Pink Floyd - or our own Alf Emil Eik on the more symphoprogga side, but you can also hear elements of Jeff Beck and Stevie Vai. A fluid suggestive early folk prog record with long instrumental parts and massive guitar playing characterizes the record, which remains Lost albums second release, and fine on both LP and CD.

1 Wake Me Up 4:45

2 Golden Gate 5:40

3 First Travel 3:03

4 Chamber of Dreams 4:12

5 Encounter 3 1:24

6 Ascension 4:21

7 Little Piano Piece 2:11

8 Where to Find 4:47

9 Second Travel 5:54

10 Wings of Love 3:16

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