Ping Pop - Just Another Lazy Day - 1986 - 80's - NACD408

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Oslo group started by former Rustam Hayat members Truls Jedemo, Roger Stoa and Harald Tusberg jr. in 1985. Rustam Hayat stayed together for a four-year period, while they waited for a record deal. With the creation of Ping Pop, the wait was over, because they also created the record company Medicine Records at the same time. Already during the recording of the debut single "Goldie"/"Leroy", in the summer of 1985, several people from Rustam Hayat were drawn in: drummer Rune Lindstrøm (parallel to deLillos) and wind players Tore Gustavsen and Bård Stugu. For a period, Rune Annaniassen (Matchstick Sun) was involved. Ping Pop was inspired by Eastern mysticism as well as Norse mythology, not only lyrically, but also musically, creating a boundary-breaking expression: a mix of pop, rock and jazz, acoustic as well as electronic. Japan and Roxy Music are bands they were compared to. Just Another Lazy Day was produced by Stranglers bassist Jean Jacques Burnel.


1 Feathers & Wings

2 Just Another Lazy Day

3 Curious

4 The Bottle

5 I Ja Ha Ha I

6 Carina 1:36

7 Fields Of Ambrosia

8 The Sleeping Thrill

9 When It's Too Late 4:09

10 Frozen Beauty

11 Leroy

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