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25 years ago, a funky paradigm shift took place in Norwegian music: D'Sound released its debut album "Spice of Life" and 25,000 CDs sold later, the gold record now stands as a modern classic, which is both loved and hated by the music police in the country. Albume is shaped and inspired by African-American jazz, soul and funk music, but created by a trio from Trondheim, Molde and Volda. Kim Ofstad, Jonny Sjo and Simone's innovative and Norwegian band was, among other things, called Norway's nicest band, the Christian band, the nice ice band, and not least -- Norway's best live band! Norwegian soul had been dead for many years, but something happened in the mid-90s when nightclubs like Head On appeared and not only shaped the cityscape, but also how young, hungry artists wanted to create new music. The album was produced by the super trio Jan Bang, Espen Berg and Hans Olav Grøttheim, and to this day the record is used as a demonstration CD in a number of Hi-Fi stores when they want to show how good their new speakers sound. The most unique thing is, however, that if you let a foreign music expert hear the album in 2021, without knowing anything about it, they will hardly be able to find out whether the album was recorded in the 70s, or last week. This is a timeless album, and the exciting story of the record will be told in this book.

Petter Aagaard (b. 1978) has previously published the Prince book "Shockadelica" together with Christer Falck, the Star Wars book "A Disturbance in The Force - Imperiet Slår Sprekker" and he has written the D'Angelo chapter in the music festival book "Quart ». He is also a vocalist and composer in the bands Galactic Funk and The Bump Squad and a journalist in Musikkmagasinet PULS.

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