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Per Bergersen was a young, talented musician from Røros. Many had predicted a promising music career for him. Instead, he was shot dead in his own home by a friend in June 1990. He was only 30 years old. According to the comrade, the shots were fired at Bergersen's own request. The day before the murder, Bergersen filled Thomasgården in Røros to the brim when he held his first proper solo concert. Bergersen's music ranges from punk to ballads, but it is the lyrics he is best known for. In the 80s, he released a flex single with the song "Duejakt" which was accompanied by an issue of Gateavisa. The magazine describes Bergersen as a tinkering variant of Syd Barrett, a musician with strong, personal and committed lyrics, and a man with great potential. He never managed to release an album. At the funeral, his friends decided to release an album of the best songs posthumously. The LP PB was printed in 1,000 copies and the proceeds went to the Røros leisure club. The album has become an important treasure for collectors and fetches many thousands of kroner at online auctions.

1 Tablidomide barn 

2 Brøsterud 

3 Billene 

4 Flekken 

5 Bo i container 

6 Knut 

7 Jobbesang 

8 Awful

9 Oppdagelsessang 

10 Glitrer et lys 

11 Svidd cornflakes 

12 Dyrk meg eller dø 

13 Cruiser avgårde 

14 Hematt 

15 Øye

16 Sachsenhausen

17 Duejakt 

18 Skyggen 

19 Hemmelig alene 

20 Blue to Black 

21 Verdikrise 

22 Ridder Sjanseløs 

23 Tanga For To 

24 Olabuksa 

25 Enough 

26 Henning

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