People - Talk To Me - 1985 - 80s - NACD344

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People was a duo consisting of Torstein Bieler and Tore Bakkland Holm. Torstein started his pop career in the band Broadway News before he released his first solo album Golf in 1982. Tore started in Oslo at the beginning of the 1980s, with the group Beep which went to the top in the national final Talent-83 in Trondheim. In 1985, People got a deal with Bahama Records and released the album Talk to Me . The album contained the singles "I Can Feel It" and "Talk To Me" (spent 2 weeks on the VG List with #9 as the best position). The following year they released the single "Hey U" and then it was over.

1 Talk To Me

2 Eromatic

3 One Mans War

4 TV Love

5 People

6 I Can Feel It

7 Norwegian Eyes

8 I'm Gonna Be There

9 Shy-Shy-Shy

10 Love Is A Secret

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