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Norwegian thrash metal originated and reached its peak at the same moment, with Equinox's debut "Auf Wiedersehen" from 1989. Never later surpassed, never forgotten by those of us who were there, but musically historically undeservedly overshadowed by the chaos surrounding black metal soon after. But I promise: give the vinyl or cassette of "Auf Wiedersehen" a few new spins, and blood and neck muscles will confirm that this moment in 1989 left its mark on you. The book about "Auf Wiedersehen" will be based on long interviews with the most central players in and around Equinox itself. There will be introspective talk about sources of inspiration, details from the recording and analysis of music and lyrics. There will be snapshots and anecdotes. There will be reminiscence and nostalgia. It gets ripped up in old irritations and unfulfilled dreams. There will be no puns about "a reunion with Auf Wiedersehen".


Peder Kjøs (b. 1967) is a psychologist and author. In his youth he played in the thrash metal band Witchhammer from Sarpsborg.


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