Pål Thowsen, Jon Christensen‎ - No Time for Time – 1977 – Jazz - NACD471

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Arild Andersen discovered the drum talent Pål Thowsen in 1970, as a 15-year-old. Thowsen quickly made the step up in the elite series and in 1976 he had the opportunity to make a record with three of his biggest heroes: Arild Andersen, Jon Christensen and Terje Rypdal. Making his own record together with his great drum role model, Jon Christensen, was big for young Thowsen. In 1976 they entered the Arne Bendiksen Studio in Oslo - both drummers with their heads in check - Christensen because he is hard of hearing in one ear, Thowsen because he thought it would be like that when Christensen did it - and just under 40 minutes of highly original music was created . Apart from the title track, which was written by Club 7 veteran Webster Lewis, all the music here is conceived by those involved. The music is quite loose, although it is both grooved and partly riff-based.

1 No Time For Time

2 More Cymbals

3 Pox

4 Craggy Mountains

5 The Tamborim

6 P.T.

7 Only Two

8 Mauve Stripes

9 May 17th

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