Øyvind Holen // B.O.L.T. Warhead – The Re-Enforcement – NABOK009

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Leo Fossen from Oslo and Pål Espen Johannessen from Fredrikstad got together at the beginning of the 1980s. First as L.A.W., later as A-Team and then, finally, as B.O.L.T. Warhead. The stage names were Jayski and PeeJay, and the long version of the first part of the name is Brotherhood Of Lost Territories. In 1993, the band released The Re-Enforcement, which still enjoys sky-high status among hip hop lovers. The record is dark, bone-hard and fast, more inspired by English Britcore than by those happening on the east and west coast of the USA at the same time.


Øyvind Holen is a journalist and author. He has published several books, and many of them are about hip hop. He is also the copywriter for a series of comics that deal with urban culture. Holen was in the audience when B.O.L.T. Warhead blew the heads off the small hip hop scene in Oslo at the start of the 1990s, and will write the book about the most dystopian rap record in Norwegian history.

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