Ole Jacob Hoel // Tre Små Kinesere - Hjertemedisin - NABOK033

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This will be the story of an almost forgotten pop gem from the 1990s. The three original small, and quite different Chinese were not the best of friends throughout the 15 years they worked together. But on their fourth album "Hjertemedisin" most things fell apart. They found an overall tone that tied the album together, while "Hjertemedisin" also includes several of their best-known single songs, such as "Klassebildet", Agnar Mykle" and the title song.


The story of the album that saved the career of Three Little Chinese being penned by one of them followed them closely from the very beginning. From his vantage point in Trondheim, culture journalist, critic and author Ole Jacob Hoel has worked closely with all kinds of pop music since the era of punk fanzines in the 1970s. Few know Trondheim rock better.

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