Ole i'Dole - Popaganda! – 1985 – 80s – NACD055

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Ole Evenrud's first release from Haldense came in 1981, on the compilation album Big Voice of New Noise , and was given the name Ole i'Dole. The debut album Blond og billig was released on Notabene Records in 1983 and became a formidable success. In 1985, the song "Ayatollah", which was a kick to radio pastor Hans Bratterud, came out. This was banned in NRK. The album Popaganda did not sell as much as its predecessor, but established Ole as a Norwegian-language songwriter with songs such as Ayatollah and Ann Helen. Pop propaganda the album never made it to the CD format, but we can do something about that now, because if we reach the target of 150 pre-ordered copies, we will start production.


1 Ayatollah

2 En og en er to

3 Ann-Helen

4 Norge i tørt, trist og grått

5 Bak skyene er himmelen alltid blå

6 Den enes nød, den andres brød

7 Astrologen

8 V.I.P Beauties

9 Nå og da

10 Rødt lys

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