Olav Stedje - Når Sola Renn - 1986 - 80s - NACD439

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Sogndal's great hero Olav Stedje started out in local Compact and Ole Brum's orchestra before he chose to go solo in 1981. After a five-year collaboration with Lava, it was Jonas Fjeld who produced here and brought with him his "regulars", such as Bent Bredesen , Per Hillestad and Pål Reinertsen. Fjeld co-wrote many of the songs, while Stedje himself set Norwegian lyrics to songs by John Denver, Iain Matthews, Kenny Loggins and Rodney Crowell. Suspicious Place this here, with a hint of Nashville.

1 On the Run

2 A Norwegian's Dream

3 Christopher Robin

4 She Has Forgotten

5 Children In My Dream

6 Blomane And Borna

7 When the Sun Runs

8 Do not hit the road

9 In a world where everything goes

10 E 18

11 When the Day Breaks

12 Blow On

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