Ola Uteligger - Brølloppet i Kanaan – 1985 – 80s – NACD090

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Hans Rotmo played in the bands Vømmøl Spelemannslag, Arbeidslaget and Heimvernslaget before he released the Christmas album Vårres jul in own name and record Løkka i livet. Rotmo continued his musical career under the stage name Ola Uteligger, who was originally a theater character, and recorded three albums under this stage name. In the role of Ola Uteligger, he staged himself as a homeless troubadour with a skewed view of his surroundings. In a period of 4 years, there were 3 releases: Brølloppet i Kanaan was released in 1985 and has never been released on CD.

1 Fire fine lænestola

2 Laustenner'n

3 Over det blå ocean

4 Hestmann

5 Seksti prosent håp

6 Svarte Marja

7 Brølloppet i Kanaan

8 Saupstadringen Damekor

9 Bompæng

10 Dem e vi og vi e dem

11 Kong Alkohol

12 Uti Kanaans land

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