Ola Nordal // Arne Nordheim – Contemporary Music From Norway – NABOK010

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In 1967, Arne Nordheim had just finished three years as leader of the contemporary music association Ny Musikk. For several years he had written experimental orchestral works, in which he searched for new sounds in the traditional instruments, and he had also started experimenting with electronics. But there was still no disc that exclusively contained music by Arne Nordheim. That changed then Contemporary Music From Norway. The album was part of a record series of the same name, and the Nordheim release contained the works "Canzona", "Epitaffio" and "Response".

Ola Nordal is a historian and musicologist. He is an editor at Store Norske Leksikon, where he is responsible for classical music, among other things. Nordal wrote a PhD on Arne Nordheim, which among other things contained the first complete overview of all the music Nordheim wrote.

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