Nurk Twins - Nurk Twins - 1978 - 70's - NACD113

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Nurk Twins was a Norwegian rock band from Stavanger established in the early 1960s. The band has achieved legendary status in the West, despite the fact that they only released one LP on the eve of their career. The group won the Nordic rock championship in 1965, released an LP with Dire Straits-like rock before Dire Straits was known, and went through several changes in both line-up and musical style. After several replacements, the Nurk Twins finally entered the studio in 1978 to record their first album. By this time, the group had built up a reputation in Bergen, and the trip therefore went to Bergen Lydstudio, where the LP was recorded with Trygve Thue as producer. Nurk Twins stand for many as the prime example of a good band that never got the recognition it deserved.

1 Back to the Streets

2 Country Fever

3 About to Die

4 Hidden In a Dream

5 Western Winds

6 Dear Follower

7 Rising Sun

8 Stranger in Another Man's Land

9 Dirty Poster

10 Tomhet

11 Skuespill

12 The Intruder

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