Nils Henrik Smith // Kaizers Orchestra – Ompa Til Du Dør – NABOK008

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Today it is strange to think that there was once a world without "«Ompa til du dør», «Kontroll på kontinentet» and all the other super songs of Kaizers Orchestra. But it did. The album Ompa til du dør came out in autumn 2001, and the band took Norway by storm. Both because of the band's percussion instruments (barrels and metal), the lyrics (which were unique and funny), the song material (which was Tom Waits in a more salable recording) and Jan Ove Ottesen's charisma (which was irresistible). The record won the Spellemann prize and the Alarm prize, and was on the VG list for a total of 49 weeks.


Nils Henrik Smith is co-resident with Kaizer's Orchestra. So he comes from Bryne. Smith is an author, with several critically acclaimed novels to his credit. He is also a journalist, and has distinguished himself as a football writer of the highest class. Smith has written a lot about music, including an essay on Falck Forlag's Motorpsycho book Supersonic Scientists. For this book, he will dig into his memory and the archives to find out as much as possible about Ompa until you die.

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